Much of SHINE’s work initially focussed on primary school pupils, on the basis that it’s never too early to teach key skills, self-confidence and a love of learning. But in recent years we have targeted more resources at projects supporting the difficult transition from primary to secondary school.

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds have a particularly tough time. Many will arrive at secondary school with poor attainment in maths and literacy and only one in three goes onto achieve the five good GCSEs (including English and maths) required to continue their education. Since 2011, we have invested over £2.3 million into 19 secondary school projects, which has enabled 1,800 young people to successfully navigate the transition into secondary education.

SHINE in Secondaries is based on our successful primary school programme and provides tutoring and support to supplement classroom teaching, combining hands-on learning with exciting educational trips and enrichment activities that help expand the national curriculum.

This year we’re supporting 10 secondary school projects across London and Manchester and will soon be starting two new projects in Blackpool. A few examples of this years’ SHINE in Secondaries projects are shown below, and a full list of our 2017-18 projects can be found here.

St Aloysius

The attainment at St Aloysius College is one of the highest in the borough, however they have also the highest number of students on Free School Meals in Islington. The school is also in the top three for the highest number of Special Education Needs and English as an Additional Language in the borough.

100% of the students taking part in the 2015-16 SHINE in Secondaries project at St Aloysius made expected or better than expected progress in maths and English. The Project Manager commented; “The attainment gains which we have seen over the past years of running Shine on Saturday Academy have been inspirational for each new cohort of students that participate year on year.”

Gladesmore Community School

Gladesmore Community School is a large school in South Tottenham. The catchment area for Gladesmore stretches along the Tottenham High Road and the Hale Shopping Mall, the scene of the 2011 riots. Assessment of reading indicates that 89% of children have reading ages below their chronological age when they enter the school. The school also scores highly for indicators of economic and social deprivation, with 65% of pupils on Free School Meals.

60% of SHINE students made better than expected progress in English, and 57% in maths. The Head Teacher at Galdesmore commented; “I am absolutely delighted with the impact of the SHINE programme. It is run exceptionally well and the provision is consistently outstanding. It is evident that parents and carers are very appreciative and the children who participate gain considerably from it.”