We believe that hands-on teaching, using creative innovative techniques is the best way to turn around struggling students experience of school. Our Saturday projects do just that, helping teachers identify gaps in their students’ learning and helping them fulfil their potential and gain confidence.

SHINE on Saturday

SHINE on Saturday is run in primary schools by excellent Teachers, who deliver ¬†hands-on, exciting learning in the programme’s creative lessons. It also uses outside trips and external visitors to expand and enrich the national curriculum. Behind the fun of our Saturday programmes, there is a clear focus on improving attainment and raising aspirations.

SHINE in Secondaries

SHINE in Secondaries is based on our successful primary school programme described above. It was adapted to help students manage the tricky transition between primary and secondary education. SHINE in Secondaries provides tutoring and support to supplement classroom teaching, combining an alternative learning experience with exciting outside trips and workshops.

Serious Fun on Saturday

Serious Fun on Saturday is an innovative partnership which we create between state schools and independent schools. The independent schools open their doors to children from local state schools so they can have access to their excellent teaching facilities and resources. With the generosity of the independent schools, this is a very cost effective way of giving children who are excelling in the classroom the opportunity to realise their full potential with access to new resources.

For a full list of our current projects, visit this page.

If you have any questions about what we fund, see our FAQs or get in touch with the SHINE team by emailing info@shinetrust.org.uk or call 0113 280 5872.