Student Leaders was launched in 2012 after creator Rhian Davies won a grant from the Let Teachers SHINE competition. Over the last year we have been replicating the success of Rhian’s Student Leaders project across Manchester.

The project works by training high-ability students from years 10 and 11 to tutor younger students from years 7 – 9 who are struggling in maths. Over the course of 25 – 30 weeks, students attend a one hour after school club in which they are given targeted support by the older students.

The aim of the project is to build confidence and remove barriers to progress. Whilst the older students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, they’ll be helping younger students – many of whom are chosen to join Students Leaders because they are predicted to drop below the required standards – to enjoy and navigate the challenges of maths.

The results have been excellent, with more than 200 students making better than expected progress of 2.5 sublevels, and 78% exceeding the national baseline for progress.

Student confidence and motivation in maths has been shown to increase significantly, with the proportion of students describing themselves as confident in mathematics more than doubling over the course of the year.

Comparison data has also shown that SHINE students significantly outperform other students of a similar profile.

To see a full list of the schools currently running Student Leaders, you can visit this page.