SHINELabs logo for letterhead

SHINELabs is a programme which is designed to improve primary science provision for children in years 4-5. Based on the PhizLabs project run by the Ogden Trust in the West Midlands, we will turn normal classrooms into classrooms into spaces which are specifically used for science, backed up with a programme of investigative and independent learning including practical workshops, visits by expert practitioners and outings to museums, science centres and inspirational places. In addition, we will target 20 children per school for an inspirational programme of after school science workshops.

SHINELabs will pool the expertise of three major UK funders, who share a common vision to improve the quality of outcomes for disadvantaged children in science: SHINE, The Ogden Trust and The Primary Science Teaching Trust.

SHINELabs will enable students to be inspired about science and encourage their curiosity about the world.

The objectives for SHINELabs are:

  • To raise the achievement and aspirations of at least 300 children who attend schools in areas of high economic deprivation.
  • To stimulate children’s interest and excitement about science.
  • To improve the skills and confidence of primary teachers in delivering science.
  • To encourage high quality collaborative partnerships between schools.
  • To create a proven model for primary science which can be replicated more widely.

The first SHINELabs projects started in September 2015 and are taking place in six primary schools across London. The launch schools are Daubeney Primary School in Hackney, Hill Mead and Kingswood Primaries in Lambeth, Pakeman Primary in Lambeth, and finally Stebon and Wellington Primary Schools in Tower Hamlets.

To see a full list of the schools currently running SHINELabs, you can visit this page.