We believe that working in partnership is the most effective way to reach more children and increase our impact. Further information on these partnerships and programmes can be found below.

SHINELabs logo for letterhead

SHINELabs is a programme which is designed to improve primary science provision for children in Years 4 and 5. Based on the PhizLabs project run by the Ogden Trust in the West Midlands, we will turn normal classrooms into spaces which are specifically used for science, backed up with a programme of investigative and independent learning including practical workshops, visits by expert practitioners and outings to museums, science centres and inspirational places. In addition, we will target 20 children per school for an inspirational programme of after school science workshops. This programme is run in partnership with Primary Science Teaching Trust and The Ogden Trust.

Student Leaders

The Student Leaders project works by training high-ability students from Years 10 and 11 to tutor younger students from Years 7 – 9 who are struggling in maths. Over the course of 32 weeks, students attend a one hour after school club in which they are given targeted support by the older students. The aim of the project is to build confidence and remove barriers to progress.

Other Partnerships

We also partner with a number of external organisations to run projects that address some of our key priorities on a bigger scale and at greater speed, enabling these projects to help many more children. We are currently supporting the following organisations to run projects in schools, and will be evaluating the success and impact of this work over the coming months.

We are currently partnering with eight other organisations to support their innovative, educational programmes:

Further information about these projects and those we have supported in the past can be found here. To see the list of our 2017-18 projects you can visit this page.

We are currently focusing our funding on Teacher-led and school-based projects. However, if you have an innovative idea which is aligned to SHINE’s mission and objectives, please see our FAQs or contact the SHINE office by emailing info@shinetrust.org.uk.