The highest attaining students from low income homes in the North face significant challenges during the transition from primary into secondary school. Research shows that almost two thirds of children who are high attaining at the end of primary school and who attend non-selective secondary schools do not go on to achieve a single A or A* grade at GCSE.

As the primary school curriculum has become more challenging in recent years, students at the top of the attainment spectrum have been reaching higher and higher standards. Faced with limited resources and pressure to achieve results at GCSE, many secondary schools then end up repeating the same subject matter, rather than continuing to challenge and stretch their students. High attaining students then become used to performing at a lower level than they are capable of during their first few years at secondary school, and parents and teachers can accept this too readily.

Our Flying High programme will support programmes which improve the quality of collaboration and information sharing between primary and secondary schools, to help ensure that the highest attaining pupils access the right level of challenge and support to help them thrive.

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You can also take a look at the Flying High projects that we are already funding across the Northern Powerhouse.