Where would you be without an education? Where could you work if your literacy and maths were far below basic standards? What chance would you have of a decent life? Thousands of children in the UK face a difficult future. They are born into disadvantaged families and desperately poor neighbourhoods.

These children are trapped in a cycle of poverty, without the education and qualifications they need to climb out and build a better life. And society ends up poorer too. Wasted talent is not only a lost national resource: in the end, its social services and the benefits system that pick up the pieces.

These are the reasons you should support SHINE:

1) These children deserve the best chance possible
• A quarter of all children in the UK today live in poverty. These children are more likely to leave school with lower GCSEs grades, earn less and even die younger than their wealthier peers.
• With our help and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds can gain the qualifications and skills they need to build a better life for themselves

2) We have a great track record
• We work with some of the brightest minds in teaching and with their help we’ve already reached 100,000 children
• Our projects span more than 4,000 schools around the UK, particularly focusing on London and Greater Manchester
• 78% of unemployed young people in our programmes were helped into further education, training or work
• Our programmes have been externally evaluated by leading experts such as London School of Economics and Ofsted.

3) Every penny raised helps children
• SHINE is unique in that our trustees cover all of our operational running costs so 100% of all money raised goes directly to helping the children who need it most