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Megan attends a school in an area of high deprivation in Newcastle. She is easily the top student in her year for maths and English, with grades way above the average for her age. Many of her classmates are struggling to meet the basic standards and whilst her teachers do try to give her more challenging work, they often lack the time and resources to really stretch her abilities and talents.

Megan was chosen to attend a SHINE programme at an independent school. The independent school has top quality facilities and resources, which were unavailable in Megan’s classes. For a few hours each Saturday, Megan was given the chance to taste new subjects and develop her natural curiosity for learning.

Megan’s potential was quickly spotted and she has been offered a full bursary over the next five years to attend the private school, an opportunity that will nurture her natural passion for learning.

So far, through SHINE’s innovative partnership with independent schools, over 4,000 children have been supported to attend an independent school on Saturday. This has helped their literacy and numeracy skills, whilst opening up a whole new horizon of experiences for their curious young minds.