When Jade started secondary school, she’d already decided she couldn’t do maths. Jade struggled with maths at primary school and learned to keep her head down in class to avoid answering questions. Her confidence was at rock bottom.

Jade was assigned a Student Leader to give her targeted support in maths and help her improve. She found it easier to ask her Student Leader for help than asking a Teacher.

Having a positive role model helped her achieve some early breakthroughs, and soon she really began to progress. As she repeated activities throughout the sessions, Jade began to build confidence in her ability.

This newfound self-belief gave Jade the resilience to achieve in school. At the end of Year 9, she won an award for the highest effort shown in maths in her year group. Jade has now started her GCSEs and is on track to achieving her target grade, something that she wouldn’t have believed possible without her Student Leader.