Steven used to find school a difficult place to be. He really struggled to understand more complex topics in lessons and because of that, he kept quiet in class, never speaking up and never asking his teacher for help. He didn’t tell his parents about how much he was struggling because he felt embarrassed, and they also worked long hours to support the family, so they often weren’t at home to help him with his school work.

He started falling behind, especially in maths, where he needed more support to understand the teacher’s explanations. He used to invent excuses not to do his homework, because he didn’t want to draw attention to the difficulties he was facing.

HegartyMaths was designed by expert, passionate maths teachers for students like Steven, who need extra help to stay on track.

Rather than being set homework just to get on with, now that Steven has access to HegartyMaths, he can access expert tuition videos online to show him how the maths is done. Even better, his teacher then gets a detailed picture of how he’s getting on, and where he might still be struggling, so that she can target support more effectively for Steven in class.

The turnaround in Steven since he started using HegartyMaths is described by his teachers as ‘quite simply, amazing. Steven will now confidently approach his maths teacher, showing her his learning record in HegartyMaths and being rightly proud of his achievements on the programme. Steven’s grades have improved significantly, and he now hopes to continue studying maths when he leaves school.