When Samira, nine, started at a SHINE on Saturday project, she was completely unmotivated, her behaviour was difficult and her school work was poor. Although she was receiving extra help from teaching assistants and the school’s Learning Mentor during the week, her attitude and progress remained a real concern to all her Teachers.

At SHINE, she slowly but surely started to improve. By the spring term, both her work and her ability to remember what she had learnt had improved enormously. During a question and answer game about the Battle of Hastings, Samira amazed her classmates, her teacher and even herself with her ability to talk at length and in detail about what she had learnt that day. So great was the change in her work and behaviour that, at the end of that term, she won the Student of the Term award in her year.

The progress has continued since then. Samira’s work continues to be good and she has become a very articulate and motivated student at SHINE. And these improvements are not limited to Saturdays. During the week, her Teachers have all noticed positive changes in her attitude, behaviour and progress.

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