Jeremiah spent most of his hour-long writing assessment doodling in the margins of the page. Though he was an attentive student, when it came to ‘imaginative and creative descriptions’, he felt he had nothing to say. He had the lowest score for writing in the class.

Brought up on a housing estate, Jeremiah had never ventured further than the supermarket down the road. At SHINE, his imagination was fired. Topics from Crime Scene Investigation to Horrible Histories stimulated his intellectual curiosity. For the first time he saw live theatre, listened to an orchestral concert and even enjoyed an ice cream by the sea.

When asked to write about his experiences at SHINE, Jeremiah had so much to say he had to request more paper from the teacher. Thanks to SHINE, Jeremiah now has the inspiration to match his natural talent and he is outperforming many of his peers in English.

Richard Atkins high res -84