Danny was well known around school, but not for the right reasons. He’d arrived at school sulking and depressed, then throw tantrums in class. He was caught in a downwards spiral, with his attainment levels well below what they should be. He also had trouble making friendships and his self-confidence was low.

Danny was chosen to join SHINE on Saturday to help him turn things around. Thanks to the creative teaching methods and extra time dedicated to his particular needs, Danny learnt to articulate his opinions well. This lead to him working more closely in groups with his peers, and helped to unlock his enjoyment of learning.

Danny now shows a mature attitude towards learning. He comes to school ready for his classes, is able to carry out tasks in class independently, and has an overall higher confidence level that has helped him excel both socially and academically.

Now all the Teachers know Danny for the amazing transformation he’s made in his attitude towards school.