The grant recipient 

Rhian Davies has been teaching secondary school maths for 9 years, and is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Marple Hall School in Stockport. During her own time in education, Rhian experienced first-hand some of the difficulties which children from disadvantaged backgrounds face, making her determined to ensure the best possible start for her students.

The project 

Rhian has trained high ability students at KS4 to deliver academic support to younger students who are struggling in maths. Over the course of 32 weeks, students are expected to attend a one hour, after school club where they are given targeted support in groups of up to four.

Curriculum materials are designed by qualified maths teachers and sessions are supervised by High Level Teaching Assisants, with overall coordination and management from Rhian.

The aims of the project are:

  • 80% of students will achieve at least 2 sublevels of progress in maths over one academic year.
  • Students will report improved experiences of maths.
  • Sessions will be well attended.
  • Older students will develop leadership skills which will help them in later life.

The results 

In 2012-13 the project achieved the following results:

  • 90% of students made at least 2 sublevels of progress in maths.
  • Comparison data shows that the SHINE group outperformed those of a matching profile who did not receive the intervention.
  • Average attendance was excellent at 90%.

This programme is also subject to an external evaluation by the Colebrooke Centre for Evidence and Implementation.

Following the success of the first year, in June 2013 the trustees of SHINE awarded Rhian a further grant to help replicate her project in two other schools.

The funding  

Funding: £25,390, over two years (2012-14)

We are grateful to be funding this programme in partnership with the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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